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How to Layout Home Oil Painting Wall Art

How to Layout Home Oil Painting Wall Art

I. Grasp of Space
Oil painting layout is very important to grasp the space, slightly careless may lose the artistic sense that should have, bedroom should use characters or close subjects as emotional exchanges; children's bedroom is the best abstract painting of children's subjects; living room is mainly landscape, making the environment more open and bright; and restaurant can hang some sparse fruits and flowers of still life, it can enhance people's appetite.

2. Different Decoration Styles
Abstractionist abstract oil painting and modernist painting are concise and fast, which are more suitable for spacious and bright space, new decorative style and novel materials; realistic and classical style is suitable for luxurious and elegant decorative style; impressionist painting style, whether in the corridor or on the bookcase, can reflect its colorful, light and color effect, and has a strong decorative features.

3. Emphasizing the I…

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