Art - decorative painting

In the visual arts, color is one of the most important artistic languages.Color plays a leading role.Color plays a particularly important role in both reality and art.
We can study decorative painting from the aspects of composition, color, image and materials, among which color plays an important role in decorative painting.It is free from any space, draws the object itself the limit, gives full play to the subjectivity from the actual role, the object service subject through the constant transformation, the contrast, the exaggeration and so on performance form to bring the decoration effect.

I. overview of decorative painting
(1) characteristics of decorative paintings.Decorative painting is an independent art category. Decorative painting has its unique language and vocabulary.
Modern decorative painting is a specific art form influenced by modern painting and modern design theory and practice.All the elements of the work build a world of visual beauty.Decorative paintings should be "natural" decorative.Let

people rest like an easy chair.
(2) rules of decorative painting.Independent of the color world's black and white decorative painting, its features are based on black and white, with its own laws, rules and secret.With its principle, know white guard black, contrast

harmonious is its special request.
Creation black and white adornment picture should pay close attention to black and white contrast.Black component, weight of block face, horizontal contrast, as well as soft and hard, blunt, angular circle, contrast is avoided by all

means.Be like black and white ash to set opportunely handle proper, won't produce primary and secondary jumble messy, cumbersome and dirty feeling.
Because black has contractive impervious sex, so when picture black piece face is big, can produce depressing, abrupt feeling;When large pieces of white are applied, due to the tendency of "white" to expand and radiate, it is necessary

to use grey surface to harmonize and restrain the emptiness of the picture, so as to obtain a concise, loud and harmonious visual effect.
(3) form and composition of decorative paintings.The formal beauty of decorative painting is to express the aesthetic way and method adopted.Formal beauty serves content.Decorative painting is often not a form, but a combination of a

variety of forms formed by the integrated form.
Form is subject to subject.The form of decorative painting is more important, even the form is the content.Because of its adornment vocabulary and language existence, the expression form of abstract beauty decided the creation beauty

that black and white adornment picture is inexhaustible, and go beyond the objective to pursue beauty strongly.The beauty of diversity and unity;The beauty of symmetry, balance, rhythm and proportion;The law of comparative harmony is

beautiful, it is the element that black and white adornment picture combines beautiful.We use these principles of beauty to adjust, distribute, transform and transition so as to produce a unified whole beauty of opposites
Contrast can make between local and local, resulting in a comparison of their own personality.
Harmonization is to make their individual character fit, unity in the complete aesthetic body.
Balance is the law of nature, imbalance will bring crisis.There is a uniform state of equilibrium in both symmetric and asymmetric contradictory motions.Balance is an important factor of the beauty of composition, especially the beauty

of form
Rhythm produces rhyme, and so does decorative painting.It through the color, line, block, point, shape of the combined arrangement of repeated changes.Overlapping, conversion, contrast and other means lead to brisk, passionate, silent

and other conscious and psychological effects.The rhythm of decorative painting comes from the occupation of space.


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