How to put the living room sofa -- how to put the living room sofa

Sell art online-The sitting room sofa is put When everybody is putting sitting room sofa, must remember the backside of sofa should have "depend on place, so called lean is a hill, it is to show sitting room sofa is in put when, behind must have solid wall, mean to have no worry of the back so, it is very consistent on geomantic pattern.
If you put in the sitting room sofa, if sofa is behind the window, door, or channel, also is the sitting room is not solid wall behind the sofa, in feng shui is very bad, first of all, we will lack a sense of security and second behind us is empty, so we don't have support behind, from feng shui is very bad.

If the backside of sitting room sofa is true the word that does not have solid wall reliably, everybody puts low ark or screen in sofa backside also is ok.

Generally speaking, everybody is in put sitting room sofa when, the backside of sitting room sofa is not supposed to have water, say everybody not to be in the back of sitting room sofa put fish tank so, if the low ark behind sitting room sofa puts fish tank, can use a few green plants to add colour!

The collocation of sitting room sofa
When you put in the sitting room sofa, also should pay attention to the collocation of the sitting room sofa, everyone choose flower, line, pane, plain and the dark are all have their own characteristics, and if your sitting room is capacious and bright, then rotate beautiful beautiful flowers, bright red, big green wait for bright color is very suitable for, you as long as pay attention to furniture's color and style is unified;
If the wall of your sitting room is to have mural skirt or if have color, so everybody is choosing when sitting room sofa, do not choose the more gorgeous color in color, the fabrics that chooses that kind of more plain color will be better

Actually the put of sitting room sofa still has choice is very important, because the sitting room is the place that we can see when we enter the door, also be the place that other people is in our home, the place that sees first, say sitting room sofa puts so very neat, the word that chooses very good, can give other people a good  impression.
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If sitting room sofa is put bad word, can cause an effect to the beauty of our whole family, also can affect our geomantic sometimes.
Say to master a few sitting room sofa to put skill so is very important!


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