The New (Smaller) Living room

Homeowners are taking on a brand new sort of great room — one with a few walls instead one space all blown out, cased openings, L-shaped rooms and sitting areas off kitchens without (horror! ) a TV. Whenever I think of a classic great room, I believe

kitchen, dining, and family room or living room with a TV stacked one after another. But I'm caring these new smaller and compartmentalized "great" rooms. I'm a huge fan of creating intimacy in homes, even when you're working with alarge open up space. Here are a few rooms that demonstrate many of these elements.

cased ledge with columns and pilasters are work out maintain a sense of visibility while maintaining the the sense of two specific rooms.
The arched opening involving the family room and kitchen helps to define the spaces as separate (but together) and it is better appropriate to the layout of an older home. Naturally , with older homes, headers are needed for structural reasons.

This homeowner elected for the header and arched opening rather than a steel beam over the whole space. If they had opted for the latter, they would taking that wall of cabinets and the helpful hidden mudroom behind.
This L-shaped great room allows you to be in your kitchen while not feeling like you're also in the family room. People can be watching TV, and others can be In the kitchen cooking and hanging out there — together and separate.
I really like comfy sitting areas in kitchens. They're great places for friends to hang out with a glass of wine while staying from the cook's way. Not everyone cooks, but everyone wants to be where the action is.
For good measure, and illustrate the difference here are a few traditional great rooms. I love the symmetry and balance of this one.
We have always dreamt about surviving in a large open space like this, where you could ride a skateboard if you wished to (or understood how)!

I really like how the large chandeliers develop a more intimate feeling in this terrific space. The pool is like another room.


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