Banksy: the overrated art reducer-sell art onlines

Sell art onlines-Banksy is literally an artist who exists only in the eyes of the public.
There was no artist named Banksy. Abstract Painting Online Custom  It was just a fake name for an artist who wanted to remain anonymous.
Yet it is not too much to call his work dependent on his reputation: stripped of the mystique of media attention, it would turn to dust like a vampire at dawn.

Some art exists in obscurity and in the headlines at the same time.
"Mona Lisa" has always been mentioned, but even if no one has deliberately created a news story for this nearly 510-year-old painting, it remains as remarkable as ever.
The same is true of true modern art.

Jasper Johns does not need a reputation as an artist. Big Contemporary Paingting He does not even need an audience.
He is an artist, even if no one knows him, he is an artist.
Banksy didn't become an artist that way.Handmade Black White Geometric Art

Banksy's identity as an artist would disappear without news of him.
He has become the talk of the town again recently after a "mural" (street art and graffiti are no longer enough to describe his expensive work) was removed from a wall and taken to an auction house.
The story is sure to be forgotten next week, along with Banksy -- until he's back in the news.

Banksy's work has no artistic history, no aesthetic or even anti-aesthetic effect, no ability to transcend stale content, and no individuality.
It's a brand: effective in marketing, where occasional brevity is advertised, but there's nothing that goes straight to the heart and mind.
Such art has no soul or interest.
This is the archetypal product of our society: it exists only to be talked about and is the perfect message for social media.
I want the kind of art that is very real physically, intellectually and emotionally.
While great art can leave an indelible impression on the imagination, Banksy can only play a mildly stimulating role in a less important part of the mind.


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