Talk about the six styles of decorative paintings

Because of the different themes, contents and artistic styles of various decorative Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art, we should pay attention to whether they are suitable for our own needs. According to the introduction, there are six styles of decorative Extra Large Abstract Art on the market at present.

Extra Large Art, Handmade Paintings

1. Simple and elegant tapestry painting, bamboo weaving, knot painting, simple and dignified, rich in charm, strong artistic atmosphere,which is suitable and match with darker Chinese furniture

2. Enthusiastic mosaics, acrylic paintings, glass paintings, etc. have bright colors and are easy to express the new life characteristics of warm feelings. They are suitable for the layout of newly-married families.

3. Novelty modern dynamic painting is the novelty of decorative painting. It has won the favor of many consumers with beautiful patterns, clear colors and dynamic effects. Motion painting is also based on landscape, mountains and rivers, simple and elegant.

4. Oil painting with noble temperament is one of the most aristocratic style of decorative Oversized Abstract Art, it is purely handmade, and can be copied or created according to the needs of consumers, the style is unique. The more popular oil paintings on the market today are generally landscapes, characters, and still life. Suitable for "returnees" and other people with Western knowledge and complex.

5. The ancient incense type Large Abstract Paintings on the board made of high temperature, the color is slightly deeper than the original color. The lines of the pattern are smaller and the effect is more subtle. Soldering paintings mostly use Chinese painting strokes, generally for traditional landscapes or animal paintings, antique fragrance.

6. Modern fashionable photography has the characteristics of clear picture, clear layers and wide vision. Especially large-scale photography, which is suitable to be set off by combined furniture, can enhance the ornamentation and sense of the times in the family room. Suitable for modern urbanites who like to follow the trend.


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