Tips for choosing wall decor for living room

Choosing the right piece of art to complement your space can be one of the most challenging things in decorating. With an unending variety of choices, settling down to just a few pieces can be tough. so if you are trying to pick the perfect work, consider these 5 tips.
Color matters
Color is the first thing people get caught up in when they try to choose artwork, usually because they try to find something that matches other colors in the room. However, although matching certain colors is a completely acceptable method of selecting artwork, this is not the only way. Sometimes, the colors in the artwork you choose may be the exact opposite of the colors already in your room, or in some cases; you may want only modern art black and white. The important thing is that you find something complementary to the space-sometimes it is through color, but not always. Looking for a painted artwork that appeals to you, don't worry too much about the perfect matching colors.

 Size and scale
When it comes to choosing a big canvas art is usually better. It is a common mistake to choose too small artworks. Take for instance the wall space over a sofa. As a general rule, the artwork above it should be about 2/3 or more of the width of the sofa. The same goes for the space above the bed. However, even this rule can be broken. On the wall of the gallery, several small works can work together on a display stand. In this case, consider the entire display as a whole and try to follow the same guidelines. If you like a particular painting or print, but the size is too small, you can consider using an oversize wall art canvas to increase the visual impact.
Mix old and new
Contrast is what keeps the room excited, and art can play an important role in creating this sense of excitement. Therefore, please consider artworks from different eras to create a powerful and compelling collection. In traditional rooms, abstract modern painting can become a striking focal point, just as classic works can bring some tradition to more modern spaces. When used together in the same room, old and new works can complement each other in a wonderful and unexpected way. Mixing colors and themes can also be fun, so do n’t get stuck when choosing artwork, mix it.
Shop around
Although it should never be taken lightly, at first sight, it is usually a good idea to shop around before starting an artwork for a specific location. You have a lot of options to make sure you understand some of them before solving them (it's impossible to know all the options, but do yourself a favor and shop around so you can get to know what you like). The good news is that there are plenty of resources online and in physical stores.

Buy what you love
Whether it is original or mass-produced, expensive or cheap, make sure to buy only what you like. Original canvas art This is a great way to add something unique to your house, it can definitely add a certain personality to the room, but it can be very expensive-especially if it is a well-known artist, or something rare or unique. Many people find it guilty to invest in work, just because it is an original work, they think it is valuable, but if you do n’t really like it, this may be a big mistake. If you want oversized original paintings, but do n’t want to overspend, please look for artists who do n’t have enough followers to get a high price (Etsy, or local craft/art shows are good places to start) and make sure it will get you Smile when watching. If this is a cheap print, the price you found in the garage auction is $ 5, so be it!


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