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Since the appointment of a new manager in our company, I believe that the dream of the promotion will no longer be possible. I don't know why he was against me in the first place.

Of course, as far as work goes, he can't blame me. But we were still trying to find common ground, and a few months after he started, I barely considered any opportunities for the company to grow. Thankfully, I didn't do anything rash, because who would have thought we'd eventually find common ground, even if it wasn't work-related, but? Painting.

Not long after my boss started working for the company, he carried out a major overhaul of the building. Our office has changed before our eyes. Old wallpaper and frangible paint were replaced by modern interiors; our entire office looked stylish and elegant. That is, it still doesn't have the pictures on the wall to rest our eyes on the computer screen all day. Sadly, the old still lifes I hung on the wall didn't quite fit the overall mood of the modern style, so some people suggested I look for large abstract paintings because they work well in any indoor setting. I took a short course on abstract art, which helped us select abstract art for the office.

One sunny morning, my manager came to my desk. When he saw these paintings, he stood and stared at them for a long time, and finally said:-What is this painting?

- It's a bird, I said. - A symbol of freedom, happiness, and inner freedom.

- Is that right? He screamed.-what about this?

Well, one thing led to another, and we found ourselves sitting in the cafeteria, talking about the benefits of abstract painting. It is obvious that my manager has been considering which paintings to provide for his house for some time, but has not decided yet.

- Why not try some abstract painting? I said These wonderful works of art will blend harmoniously in almost any style in your home. You seem like a modern guy, I hope you can follow the modern fashion. The abstract canvas will be perfect for you.

- Doesn't that confuse the guest?-He asked me worriedly.

- No, OF COURSE NOT! I answered. - In fact, quite the opposite. The abstract expressionism is interesting because of its multifaceted style and symbolism. Your guests will be fascinated by these paintings. Similar to the way you expressed your interest in the artwork in our office.

Over the course of a lunch break, I managed to give my boss a complete understanding of the harmony of abstract canvas art large artwork in the House. I told him about the variety of colors and how abstract art became the focus and attraction of a room with pastel tones. We discussed symbolism and the advantages of art therapy, in which abstract art plays a very important role. I emphasize the fact that abstract wall art black and white can be added to any contemporary home. To revitalize his mind computer tech article, I suggested the boss order a photo and stressed that its harmony would perfectly complement the modern style of life.

Can I even say that we've become friends since the conversation about art? A few days later, I found a note on my desk. It was a letter about a promotion!


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